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Our company "Top Diamond" has been in business since year 1988 providing and offering our clients a wide selection of quality diamonds at the absolute lowest prices. Top Diamond is established at the diamond bourse in Antwerp, Belgium and specializes in diamonds of all shapes and sizes from 0.50 ct to extreme sized diamonds of 10.00+ct. Top Diamond has been dedicated to serving its customers with professionalism, courtesy and care. We cut out the middle man and save you both time and money.

We work with clients to guarantee satisfaction. Whatever your budget is we will ensure that your individual needs are met. There is a diamond for everyone at every price. Helping you understand the benefits and value of our diamonds is our commitment to you.

Now you have the opportunity to buy diamonds directly from Top Diamond at the diamond bourse without costly circumstances. Tell us what you need a diamond for. Tell us what you are interested in. Tell us the four C's: Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat weight and we will select a diamond for you. After that we will contact you and give you the
opportunity to come directly to our office at the diamond bourse where you calmly can inspect ordered diamonds. If you instead prefer a different delivery just tell us what's more convenient for you.

Welcome to contact us for further information
We will be at your service

 Top Diamond       |      Postal Address: Diamantclub van Antwerp, Pelikaanstraat 62, 2018 Antwerp, Belgium  
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