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Auction 1


Online bidding is on for this auction. To participate
just send us a mail with your bid in USD and your bid is on. Send us also your name, address and phone number.
You are bidding or buying without any commission at all.
We are keeping all incoming information confidential.

observe: If you win the bidding, you don't necessarily have to buy the diamond. First you must see and inspect it. You can do that, within a week after the auction, in our office on the diamond bourse in Antwerp. If you are not 100% satisfied with the diamond, after your inspection, you are not obligated to buy it. Then the diamond goes to the second highest bidder. We wish you good luck with your bidding.

Temporary bid:
 8 000 USD
Next bid:                   
(8 500 USD)

Shape:                      ROUND
BRILLIANT     Weight:                     2.14 carat
8.49 - 8.63 x 4.87 mm
   Proportions:           GOOD
   Polish:                    VERY GOOD
   Symmetry:             VERY GOOD
Clarity Grade:           V
Color Grade:             H
Fluorescence:          NIL


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